Game on!

Tonight was board game night together with my friends. We played a newly acquired game called Smallworld, and I really like it. We played it the first time last week and all four of us agreed that it is definitely a contender for the “best board game” title, along with games such as Imperial (I haven’t played Imperial 2030 yet, but I heard it’s even better) and Puerto Rico.

The idea of the game is to play a number of races, each with a unique ability, to conquer as many areas on the game board as possible to score as many victory points as possible. Every race is also combined with a random “special power” which leads to many interesting situations. For example, in tonight’s game one of the combinations was “Orcs” with the special power “Dragon Master”. The orcs receive one extra victory point for every area they conquer which is already occupied, and the dragon master allows them to conquer any area, regardless of how many tokens there already are in that area. Needless to say, we found out that this was a deadly combination.

What really makes this game good is the many possible different combinations of races and special powers. It feels like the replayability is just so huge. No two games play out the same, and this is a really good property for a strategy board game.

Unfortunately I only finished in second place tonight, but at least we had a really good time playing.

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