God I hate cheese…

So, yesterday I played a couple of SC2 ladder games. I obviously didn’t bring my “A game” because I won 2 games and lost 7! This would be all good if it wasn’t for the fact that almost every game I lost was due to some cheese tactics. It really pisses me off when I lose to someone who is not obviously more skilled than I am, and using cheesy tactics is not the same as being skilled.

For example, I lost two TvT games against people who built two barracks and a bunker just outside my base. How hard is that to do? I mean, had I spotted it earlier I would have won for sure because they obviously didn’t have any other strategy to fall back on. Such players sicken me, and it sickens me even more that such tactics actually work! I will never fall so low as to start using them myself, though, because I don’t think it would help me learn how to be a better player. Besides that, I doubt it would work in the higher leagues on the ladder.

Of course, if I were a better player I would be able to handle cheese tactics, but when playing in gold league it’s really difficult to deal with. It for sure didn’t help that I played like shit either. :(

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