Starcraft 2: New TvZ strategy

I am by no means a gosu Starcraft 2 player (I play in the top segment of gold league), but I watch almost every episode of Day[9]‘s daily webcasts, and a couple of days ago he presented a really interesting TvZ strategy by Drewbie. I usually go for reapers and then MMM against Zerg but have been struggling with mutalisks lately so this strategy, which is built mainly around Thors, feels very appealing to me.

I tried it in a couple of games against a computer opponent and after I got the opening and transition smoothed out it started to work rather well. Unfortunately, in all the games, the computer focused mainly on roaches, so I didn’t get a chance to try it out against mutalisks. However, since the build worked even against roaches I feel confident that it will solve my mutalisk problem.

I’ll try to do some laddering soon to try it out for real.

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