The retardedness of Windows

Last week, I ordered a pair of SSD’s; one for the computer I use for daily work and one for my server. Yesterday, they arrived, so I was anxious to try them out to see if I they would boost the performance. It proved to be a cumbersome task, due to the retardedness of Windows.

After having changed the disk in my Linux computer multiple times, I am used to just doing the following:

  1. Create partitions on the new disk
  2. Copy partition data from the old disk
  3. Update GRUB/LILO/whatever configuration to boot from the new disk

In Linux, this is enough. In Windows, it most certainly isn’t that simple…

Creating the partitions for my “new” system was easy, as suspected. Copying the data was also easy, using GParted in Linux. Booting it is another story. First of all, I had to boot my old Windows system to update the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) so that the boot loader would boot from the SSD instead of my old HDD. This was fairly easy to do, although it’s a lot worse than for example GRUB.

After booting, blazingly fast compared to before, I was greeted by the normal login screen and all seemed good; it most definitely wasn’t! I entered my username and password to log in. Now the system got stuck for a couple of minutes, before leaving me with an empty desktop with the text “This copy of Windows is not genuine” (I don’t know the exact phrasing for the English version of Windows, because mine is Swedish) in the bottom right corner. One thing is genuine for sure, and that’s my hatred for Microsoft’s retarded activation process… (I might also add that my Windows copy is perfectly legit)

So, I started digging on the Internet to see how to fix it. I found a couple of posts saying that I should run “slui.exe 4″ to activate Windows manually by phone. I tried it, but nothing happened; no dialog box, no error, no nothing. Then I decided to try a different approach.

In several places, I could find detailed information on how to use the built-in backup/restore tool in Windows to move my installation from one harddrive to another. I gave it a shot, but was once again disappointed. For some stupid reason I couldn’t just back up only the disk which contains my Windows installation; the backup tool decided that my other harddrive was in fact a system disk, and it wouldn’t let me uncheck the box in front of it. Since I don’t want to back up that disk (I don’t even have enough free space to do it), I simply decided to install Windows from scratch.

Finally, I have Windows running from my SSD. It’s fast, it’s silent, and I love it. However, I now have a couple of days work to get everything in working order, for no apparent reason. Thank you Microsoft!

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