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Google Reader Android app

The official Google Reader application for Anrdoid is finally here. For me, this is really good news, since I have been hesitant to install applications such as NewsRob for security reasons.

Yet another Android security vulnerability

Android security holes seem to be pouring down from the skies nowadays. This new vulnerability allows a malicious website to access files located on your SD card.

For more details check this article on Androidcentral.

More Android exploits

As I pointed out in a previous post, Android is, if used incorrectly, just as insecure as any normal PC. After writing that post, a few reports on exploitable vulnerabilites in Android has surfaced.

There seems to be a bug in the credentials manager, which can be exploited to install applications without the users approval:

http://www.swedroid.se/sakerhetshal-i-android-funnet-android-1-x-till-2-2-drabbat/ (In Swedish)
http://www.idg.se/2.1085/1.352716/android-drabbat-av-allvarlig-bugg/ (Also in Swedish)

There is also a vulnerability in the browser in most Android phones on the market today:


In addition to this, on November 2, Coverity Inc., famous for its array of various code analysis software, published a report about a number of potential security issues in the Linux kernel used in Android:


So, as already pointed out: Be careful about which applications you download and which web sites you visit with your Android phone (or any network capable device, for that matter)!